Agile is like a lens. It gives a new way of seeing the world and it's up to us to decide what to do.

My Agile journey - becoming the first Japanese trainer in Agile Marketing
I have more than 10 years of experience in the holistic marketing approach, both B2C and B2B. I met Agile in 2013 when I worked at an American software company in Tokyo.

Since then, I learned about Agile practically and theoretically — took Scrum Master and Product Owner certifications etc.. I even wrote my Master's thesis about Agile at IT University of Copenhagen.

In July 2019, I became an Agile Marketing Instructor authorized by ICAgile, the International Consortium of Agile, and started working as an instructor and also Agile Transformation Coach for Japanese companies.

Being based in Denmark, I travel around in Europe and to Japan to collaborate and exchange ideas and experiences with agile practitioners while providing the ICP-MKG course and workshops.

Being Agile: what does it mean?

It is to have a philosophy, which is evolving day by day and won't tell you what to do but helps you to navigate complexity.

naoya segawa Agile Marketing

Naoya Segawa

ICP-MKG Authorized Instructor

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