Surviving the course


All are welcome! Some prior exposure to basic issues of organizational behavior (communication, decision making, motivation, etc.) , marketing ad Agile is useful, but not required.


The class will consist of video lectures, which are about 10-15 minutes in length, plus slides, reading, discussion prompts and quizzes.


Will I get a Certificate after completing this class?

If students opt for the Certificate and successfully complete the class, they will receive a certificate signed by the instructor and ICAgile.

Do I need special resources for the course?

No, the course is self-contained. You simply need an Internet connection and the time to watch, read, interact, explore and, above all, enjoy the course.

What is the most important reason for me to attend the course?

To answer all these questions: How can I effectively communicate across barriers? How can I motivate individuals and teams if they have fundamentally different assumptions and values than leads and customers? How can I foster and nurture relationships and networks across cultural and geographic divides? How can I manage conflicts? How can I create and manage effective marketing campaign ? How can I support leads in customers in their decision making process?

If you really want to learn how organizations behave and take great marketing decisions and at the same time develop leadership skills, then this is the course for you.