Venice, Italy -May 2019 Agile Marketing Italia announced the first Agile Marketing training course in Italy accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile). 

The two-day course, Agility Marketing: How to Succeedwill first be offered in Mestre from 16 to 17 May in partnership with Interlogica, and subsequently from 6 to 7 June in Milan. Participants who successfully complete this training course will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Marketing (ICP-MKG) designation.

In the last two years, the Agile managerial movement has acquired more attention and adoption among enterprise organizations. According to the Second Annual Agile Marketing Report by AgileSherpas and CoSchedule, 50% of traditional marketers expect to adopt Agile within a year. 
Traditional marketers are the most likely to switch to Agile, with a majority wanting to start the transition within a year. 
“The demand stems from their need to improve productivity, increase their ability to manage changing priorities, fuel innovation, accelerate campaign delivery, and improve project visibility,” said Deborah Ghisolfi, CEO of Agile Marketing Italy and the first ICAgile Authorized Instructor for Agile Marketing in Italy.

The course, which meets ICAgile’s industry-leading Learning Outcomes, is designed to equip modern marketing professionals with both agile knowledge and practical skills to enable adoption and transformation in the marketing organization. Agile learning provides marketing professionals with strategic and working skills to prioritize customer needs, develop transparency and job responsibility, manage changes productively, and create healthy, high-performing teams and organizations among other benefits.

Marketing is the first point of contact between customers and the company.
Marketing professionals have the task of listening, welcoming and giving life to positive experiences on multiple fronts of interaction, including traditional and digital channels, ” said Ghisolfi. 
Being able to associate business results with expectations is stressful and fascinating at the same time. Agile Marketing allows you to work in this way by creating high quality marketing campaigns through motivated, attentive and aware teams. Agile management principles and values ​​help make work better and more meaningful for everyone.”

Elisia Choi, Senior Director of Marketing and Operations at ICAgile, added, “As more organizations embrace business agility, it’s imperative for them to adopt the agile mindset, principles, and values across all parts of the organization, including marketing. We are excited to see more organizations fuel this journey with ICAgile-accredited courses.”

The courses are available both in Italian and in English.

Individuals can learn more and register for the course at

About Agile Marketing Italia

Agile Marketing means applying criteria and values ​​to the relationship with the customer: Marketing – Digital Transformation – Lead Generation – Upselling and Cross Selling.

Agile Marketing Italia offers courses that are not only theoretical. Agile Marketing Italia builds scenarios that will make learners reflect on four aspects of Agile Marketing: Communication, Group Work, the management of sustainable Workflows, and the development of a constant Growth.

Agile Marketing Italia uses the Flipped Classroom method, sending students materials a few weeks before the course to provide foundational knowledge using videos and online lessons. Then, in the classroom, course participants work alongside trainers to deepen that knowledge with practice!

About ICAgile

ICAgile is a leading global agile certification and accreditation body that helps organizations design top-notch learning experiences that cultivate an agile mindset and enable sustainable organizational agility. ICAgile’s primary focus is providing a learning journey for individuals on the path to Agile mastery through an array of competence-based expert certifications based on the ICAgile Learning Roadmap. The ICAgile Learning Roadmap has been developed by over 75 worldwide experts and practitioners and contains over 600 learning outcomes across various Agile disciplines. Learn more at